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Commando 2

Commando_2_Shape_115Commando 2, published on September 24, 2008, is an Online game, developed by Miniclip. While walking through the levels the goal of the game will be to complete really difficult levels by  killing the enemies. There are a wide variety of weapons, all which have been renamed. Each round, the player unlocks several new weapons, which get enhanced. There are 3 actions, and each one is just the same as the first action, although more enemies and obstacles are added. While your player has to complete 12 tasks, the game is based on World War 2. It is the second on the series "Commando". Enemies and many characteristics were taken from the first game.

In the game, you can select name and the player's gender. For every mission, your player recive new weapons, which can be added to a four- slot stock (another 2 has default weapons). Pass them, collect bonuses for additional ponts, select Missions, and your player is allowed to kill Enemies. Your player has an energy bar, and 9 extra lives, while you start playing. You submit the score you earned, and will automaticaly expire if you will lost them all. Take your time and play the full unblocked version of Commando 2 game at our website